Øystein Stene

Foto: Hermann Sabado

I work with narrative art forms: literature, film and theatre. It is my belief that stories constitute the very foundation of all human understanding. It is through tales, through myths, through images, and ideas about causal links that our attitude to the world is shaped.

There are many different types of narratives. Some support what we already know, confirm our view of the world. Others engender emotions, empathy, invite abandon. Still others are, first and foremost, commodities.

I am most interested in the narrative that contributes something new, something that has not already been said, not here, not now, not in this way. Such a stories will create space for a conversation that does not yet exist. It will create dialogue where there is none, point out what none others point out.

The format, the aesthetic, whether the work can be understood as popular literature or an art film, is thereby of secondary importance to me. Even the narrator is secondary. What remains is the narrative. And the person listening. Reading. Watching.

Somewhere, in the midst of this, the true dialogue can begin. Within yourself, in meeting with the narrative.

My primary creative occupation is that of an author of fiction, as well as scripts and screenplays, and a director for film and theatre. I also hold a position as a professor at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, where I teach and do research. My research is focused on the art of acting, development of new drama and allegorical writing.


Øystein Stene






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  1. Endre
    23. august 2013

    Gratulerer med flott side! Men hvorfor ta med Knuf Faldbakkens anmeldelse av Ventemesteren?